'I’m an occupational therapist (OT) specializing in all things women’s health. My love for the specialty started during clinical rotations at a women’s health and healing center, where I was introduced to pelvic floor, breast cancer, and lymphedema rehabilitation. Before graduation, I became certified in lymphatic therapy and soon after pursued pelvic floor education.

I’m ESPECIALLY passionate about core rehab and manual therapies including visceral manipulation, manual lymph drain, and myofascial release to decrease symptoms like diastasis or pain, maximize outcomes post-surgery, and improve people’s movement/quality of life. I always try to pair this with teaching you how daily activities, stress, and movement patterns impact pain and progress-that’s OT! I’m a Prenatal and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, and want to help you with those exercises that make a huge difference in the gym or daily life.

I believe something that sets me apart is utilizing special manual therapy to restore blood flow/visceral positioning to improve digestive health, maximize your menstrual cycle, and support fertility/wellness. I hope to see you around Victress-PLEASE stop and say hi, or let me know if I can serve you in some way!"